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Asian Handicap


Asian Handicap is a sports betting term to describe spread betting in football soccer. Although the idea the phrase can give by Asian, it actually describes the Eastern origins, having a little else to do with the region. During the last years Asian Handicap has become real popular and now many sportsbooks offer it.

Asian handicap bets can be made by using some different formats, providing benefits to our clients. In first place, the Asian handicap system eliminates any chance for loss due to a tie, increasing your chances of winning.

The system works in a basic manner. The objective of every bookmaker is to create a line or handicap that will give either team the chance of winning as close to 50% as possible. Therefore sportsbooks offer payouts close to even money

With Asian Handicaps you bet on the favorite or the underdog rather than betting a 3 way. A 3 way is a bet with three possible outcomes: home win, away win or draw.

Home win example:

Barcelona -½
AC Milan +½

Barcelona will have ½ goal taken away from their final score and Chelsea will be given a ½ goal head start.

Away win example:

Arsenal pick
Manchester United pick

If the handicap is pick and the result is a draw the bet is a push.

Draw example:

Barcelona -1
Real Madrid +1

Barcelona will have 1 goal taken away from their final score and Real Madrid will be given a 1 goal head start

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