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College Football Bowl Games

The bowl games got started in the 1902 Rose Bowl with a game between Michigan and Stanford (Michigan won 49-0).There is a group of four Bowl Championship Series Bowl Games composed by: Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Fiesta Bowl in Arizona and Orange Bowl in Miami. Plus, for the 2008 NCAA College Football bowl season there are other 27 non-BCS bowl games.

Despite the number of bowl games, the most important of all are the BSC Bowl Games and its National Championship Game that establishes an unofficial NCAA Division I-A national football champion. As a result each year all the NCAA College Football teams compete endeavored for the chance to play in the college football BCS Bowl Games and especially to win the national title.

The BCS has been working and modifying the polls each year to make sure the best teams play for the national title, but it has not worked out perfectly yet.


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