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What is a point redeeming program?

The point redeeming program consists on rewarding Instant Action Sports frequent players for being constantly active with the sports book. For each bet placed (phone-internet) Instant Action Sports will reward our players with a certain amount of points which will be calculated automatically. Instant Action Sports software will transfer and display the correspondent points to the players' account. The amount of points will depend on the type of wager chosen among straight bets, parlays, teasers, if bets, round robins, propositions, etc. Instant Action Sports Point redeeming program is a way to give away an extra bonus in free bets and useful merchandise to our most active players.

Enroll the program

All Instant Action Sports active players and new players will automatically enter the loyalty program. All bets will count as gained points and as a regular player you will be able to view the number of points that you are accumulating on a daily basis. The following is the conversion table used by Instant Action Sports when awarding the points.

  • Straight Bets = 10 points each
  • Parlays = 20 points each
  • Teasers = 25 points each
  • If bets = 25 points each
  • Round Robins = 25 points each
  • Propositions = 30 points each

    ** Extra 20 points when risking amounts higher than $1,000

How to redeem the accumulated points?

Instant Action Sports players will be able to redeem their points once a month at the beginning of the following month. For example; all points accumulated in during August will be eligible for redeeming on September 1st. If a player wishes not to redeem the points he/she will be able to do so by just continuing to play the sports book. Instant Action Sports does not allow internal transfer of points in order to keep a better record of each player betting history. Once the player is ready to redeem the points, he/she will be able to choose from the following table of merchandise or free bets.

Table of Merchandise - Free Bets
*Free bets
$25 Free Bet = 2,500
$35 Free Bet = 2,750
$50 Free Bet = 2,900
*Restrictions apply

Additionally, if you would like to redeem your points and send the merchandise as a present to a friend Instant Action Sports will send it to the address you will provide at no additional cost.

**Restrictions for Free Plays

  • Straight bets only
  • No moneylines / runlines, Match ups, propositions or futures.
  • Free Plays will not be accepted in the Casino or Racebook.
  • Maximum amount per Bet/Game is $100. All bets that exceed the limit will be deleted without previous notice.

How to use the free play?

The bonus will never be reflected in your available balance since it is a free play. With a free play you can only bet on straight bets and no moneylines are allowed. So, in order for you to see it, you must log in to place a bet and continue with the following steps:

  • Choose straight bet
  • Choose the sport
  • Choose the line (only total, spread or handicap in case of soccer) do not choose moneylines otherwise the system will not show you the free play.
  • Continue
  • Place the amount that you would like to risk on your bet.
  • Check mark the box where says: "use free play amount" and the system will let you know the free play balance.
  • Continue and confirm your bet as the system requires it.