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Offshore Gambling


The Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA) is an independent "watchdog" agency that monitors the offshore sports gaming industry in an effort to provide the gamblers with an avenue to find reputable sports betting companies to wager with and be sure their sports betting winnings will be available to them at the time of withdrawing their funds.

OSGA and other similar organizations are professionals that give objective opinions as well as good advice based on real gamblers’ feedback. Also, on their independent research such as: phone calls made to the sportsbooks, tips and inside information which is helpful to the player.

This type of services are resolved to keep the philosophy that there are still safe places for sports gambling, even though, the gambling industry climate needs a closer monitor. This monitoring is effective providing the players with additional information on offshore sports books, online casinos and race books. An educated gambler needs a reputable source from where to get information once he/she decides to start gambling online.


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