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PGA Tour

The PGA Tour is an organization which is headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA. It operates the USA's main professional golf tours. Its name is officially rendered in all caps as “PGA TOUR” by the organization itself.

The PGA Tour can be distinguished from a number of other golf organizations. Since 1968, it has been completely separate from the Professional Golfers Association of America (“PGA of America”), which is now primarily an association of club professionals. (Prior to 1968, it was the PGA of America's tournament players division.) The PGA of America, not the PGA Tour, runs the PGA Championship and the Senior PGA Championship and co-organizes the Ryder Cup with the PGA European Tour. The PGA Tour does not run the women's tours in the United States, which are controlled by the independent LPGA. The governing body of golf in the United States is the United States Golf Association.


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