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May 29, 2012

Miami Heat prevails and ousts the Indiana Pacers in game 6

The Heat will have to wait until Saturday night to know if they will face the Celtics or the 76ers in the Eastern Conference Final.

By Stephen Lars

The Miami Heat made it back to the Eastern Conference finals after turning around a 2-1 deficit in the 2nd round series against the Indiana Pacers to take a 105-93 win on the road on game 6. After struggling with his worst game in his career, regular season included, Dwayne Wade came back with a vengeance and has been unstoppable for the past three games. Larry Bird’s Indiana Pacers didn’t had a chance once the Miami Heat got some serious production from LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. Realizing that Chris Bosh wasn’t going to come back anytime soon, the Heat’s big two began to dazzle the Pacers defense and guided the Heat to it’s second consecutive Eastern Conference Finals.     

The Miami Heat took an early advantage in the second half and never looked back. Dwayne Wade finished the night with 41 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 assists

The Miami Heat took an early advantage in the second half and never looked back. Dwayne Wade finished the night with 41 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 assists while the current NBA MVP, LeBron James had 28 points and 7 assists as the Heat took the series 4-2 against the Indiana Pacers. The Heat finally showed its potential during the last three games of this series, proving that if they can manage to take this into the next two series they might actually have a real chance of winning an NBA title. The thing here is that LeBron James has been known repeatedly for breaking down once the pressure is really on, and in the marquee matchups he has managed to disappoint and lose once and again. This was quite a strong statement for the Heat, a team that was humiliated by the Pacers in Indiana on game three, when a 94-75 rout gave the Pacers a 2-1 lead in the series.

With Chris Bosh out of the picture with an abdominal injury, it was up to the dynamic duo of James and Wade to get this team rolling again. And that they did, and did extremely well. Over the course of three phenomenal games, LeBron James scored 98 points, grabbed 34 rebounds and completed 24 assists. Dwayne Wade, on the other hand, was nothing short of spectacular either. He finished this three game run with 99 points, 22 rebounds and 11 assists. And it’s really hard to beat a team lie this when its core is been so efficient and dominating. Now, the Miami Heat will have to wait for game 7 between the Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers in Boston on Staturday to know whom will they face for the Eastern Conference Final series.

For a moment there at the beginning of the game, it seemed that the Pacers might just had what it takes to turn this series around, and force a game 7 in Miami. Indiana had taken an early 11-point lead, but it was not enough to hold down Wade who scored 26 points in the first half and gave the Heat the lead. The Pacers had a good run. They are young and considering they don’t really have a big star in their lineup, they showed a lot of potential this season. David West led Indiana with 24 points, and all five starters were in double figures. Still, it wasn’t enough to deal with the overpowering play of James and Wade.

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