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May 9, 2013

Miami Heat bashes Chicago Bulls to even series

The Bulls never stood a chance on game two. Can they hold their ground on game 3?

By Stephen Lars

There are a few things that can get another team to waken up, to take things personal and to be willing to do whatever it takes to get back at you. One of those things is to defeat the NBA defending National Champions at home against all odds and to make the current season´s MVP look like a player that wasn’t at his finest. The aftermath was more of a game that came with excessive pushing, shoving, and 9 technical fouls and 2 ejections. This game would bring a very distinctive shine to these two teams. On the one hand, considering that the game was fairly close in the first half, it was quite a surprise that the Heat blew up everything up in the second half to take a 115-78 win at South Beach. This was the biggest postseason win in Heat history and the biggest postseason loss in Chicago Bulls history, and all we have is a fierce rivalry that could make game three nothing short of an epic battle.

"No matter if you win by 20, 30, or one point, it's a 1-1 series," L.James

"No matter if you win by 20, 30, or one point, it's a 1-1 series," incumbent MVP LeBron James said in the postgame press conference after the game. "They came in and did their job. They got one on our floor and took home court. So, we've got to try to go to Chicago and get it back." It was a very good game for the Heat. They had been working one trying to spread the love, to get the ball around. And for this time, it seemed to have worked. Ray Allen scored 21 points coming off the bench and with only 19 minutes of play. LeBron James would go on to finish the night with 19 points and nine assists. It was a very rough night for Chicago that was behind by as many as 46 points for the night.

Things got emotional in the court. Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson were ejected in the fourth quarter for Chicago. "I don't know how many techs we got. ... I would call that not keeping your cool, not being very Zen," Noah said to the press after he walked out of the locker room. Carlos Boozer would finish the night with 8 points. "Things don't go your way, you're competitors, you want to go out there and do everything you can when you feel you're being cheated," Boozer said later. "You're going to say something about it. But regardless we don't place the blame on anybody else, we put it on our shoulders and we'll play better."

The Heat got plenty of production from Dwayne Wade who finished the night with 15 points and got 13 points from Chris Bosh. They also got 18 points from Norris Cole while James chipped in with 19 points for the game. It was close, until the Heat got their game down, and after the second half went out of locker room to punish the Bulls with an almost unheard of 62-20 run. The Bulls were done for the night, there was nothing left to this team but their own aggressiveness, but no game whatsoever. Game three is on Friday, and big changes need to come if they hope to win two matches at the United Center. Derrick Rose most likely will not be back, but he will certainly be missed.

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