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Sports book

The concept of the offshore sports book first appeared in Las Vegas as many sports betting enthusiasts started to explore the offshore betting option. The Las Vegas sports book and eventually the offshore sports book were contrasts to the local shops in major cities like Boston, New York and Chicago.

The offshore gambling establishments gave everyone the ability to deal with a real company when wagering rather than their local guy. As the offshore sports book concept keptgrowing, so did the need of the online sports book as a new element in the gambling industry.

Instant Action is a sports book, casino and race book service located in San Jose, Costa Rica and fully operational for over 10 years. We cater customers via telephone as well as via online; our clients enjoy the excellent service and the great cash bonuses when they make their initial and consecutive deposits.

For additional information on Instant Action sports book service on all major sporting events call 888-423-8427 or email us at [email protected]

Sports wagering is no longer a secretive operation with a phone, a desk, and a pad of paper. The offshore industry is now a multi million dollar operation with some of the most advanced technology out there. IAS wants you the sports fan to know... we want you to help us become the best of sports books.