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Instant Action online wagering service is available on all major sporting events such as: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college football, college basketball, motor racing, Formula 1, Nascar, Motocross, tennis, golf, cycling and much more.

Wagering is available online or over the telephone. If you are planning to wager on the telephone you can call toll free at 866-888-6555 or access our web site at

Once you start wagering, you will be given juicy cash bonuses as a new player, also every time your wagering account is reloaded with $100 or more, you will receive a 15% cash bonus plus any transaction fees. 

Baseball season is around the corner and Instant Action offers wagering on all baseball season games plus the new .10 cent line. Among some of the types of bets offered are: money lines, parlays, if-bets, action reverses and many more.

on sports is a simple concept, but you can make it even easier when you wager with Instant Action Call us today at  888-423-8427