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Online Paigow Poker


The object of the game is to have ranked five-card and two-card Poker hand than the house.

How to play:

Paigow Poker is played using a single deck of standard playing cards including a Joker. You will be dealt 7 cards. These cards must be split into two Poker hands: a two-card front hand and five-card back hand.
You can split your hand however you like but you must follow one simple rule: your back hand must be ranked higher than your front hand. To win, you must out-rank the house’s high and low hands. If one of your hands wins and one loses, the hand is a push.

Playing the game:

After placing your bet, click the Deal Button to deal the hand. You will be dealt seven cards. Split your hand by dragging and dropping the cards on the card holders on the right of the table. If you change your mind, you can drag back any card again. Once your hand is set, click the Done button.
The dealer will reveal the house hands. Your hands will be compared to the house hands.
Remember, you must in both your front and back hand to get paid.

Anytime one of your hands is identical to one of the house’s hands, the hands are said to be a copy. The house wins all copies.

* Note that two straights are not necessarily a copy. If you have a 7, 8, 9, 10, J straight and the house has a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 straight, you win because your straight is higher than the house’s.