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Stud Poker


The object of Stud Poker, like most poker games, is to get the highest hand. There are several twists to this variety, however, that provide for a different an interesting challenge.

How to play:

To begin the game, the player must place an Ante on the table.
Once the ante (which works as a straight 1:1 bet) has been placed, the cards are dealt: all of the player’s cards are showing, and all of the dealer’s cards are facing down, except for one. There are no card replacements for either of the parties.

Calls the game
After the cards have been dealt, the player must decide whether he or she wants to Raise the bet, or to Fold back. When the player decides to raise, the bet itself is placed (this is done automatically). The value of the bet is fixed as twice the ante and no modifications are allowed.

The dealer then turns his cards up to compare both hands. If the dealer has less than Ace + King, the player recalls

Drop a credit
When placing the Ante, the player is allowed to Drop a credit.
By placing one credit in the slot above the betting circle, the winning customer gains a better payout and an additional bonus for all hands ranking as a flush or higher.

When the player Folds back, the dealer keeps the Ante, and then reveals his cards.