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Lottery Betting

Lottery betting is available at Instant Action Sports now!!!

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  1. The number scope of the Hong Kong lottery (Mark Six) is 1 to 49,total 49 numbers.
  2. The Mark Six draw is held three times a week (normally on the morning of Tuesday, Thursday and non-racing Saturday or Sunday).
  3. All 49 numbers of the Hong Kong lottery classify to 3 different colours: red, blue and green. There are 17 red,16 blue and 16 green.
  4. The result is a combination of 6 common numbers plus 1 special number (bonus ball).
  5. All lottery bets on a specific draw must be placed (and confirmed) before the first number is drawn. If, for any reason,any bets are placed after the time the first number is drawn, those bets will be void and the stakes returned, win or lose.
  6. Results will be announced via the official website of Hong Kong jockey club.
    Please check the result at
    here you can also find the 10 most recent drawn results.