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2012 BCS Standings - Week 15
RK Team Record
1 LSU 13-0
2 Alabama 11-1
3 Oklahoma State 11-1
4 Stanford 11-1
5 Oregon 11-2
6 Arkansas 10-2
7 Boise State 11-1
8 Kansas State 10-2
9 South Carolina 10-2
10 Wisconsin 11-2
11 Virginia Tech 11-2
12 Baylor 9-3
13 Michigan 10-2
14 Oklahoma 9-3
15 Clemson 10-3
16 Georgia 10-3
17 Michigan State 10-3
18 TCU 10-2
19 Houston 12-1
20 Nebraska 9-3
21 Southern Miss 11-2
22 Penn State 9-3
23 West Virginia 9-3
24 Texas 7-5
25 Auburn 7-5
* As of December 4, 2011

College Football Betting

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