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For boxing there are three types of wagers:

To Win the Fight: Picking the fighter that the customer thinks will win the fight. Draws will cancel these wagers.

Total of Rounds: Customer will either go over or under a number of rounds in which the fight will be finished.

Correct Result Wagering: Players can wager on which boxer will win the fight and the manner in which the fight is won. A KNOCKOUT includes Technical Knockouts (TKO) and Disqualifications (DQ). A DECISION is determined to be anytime the judge's scorecards are used to determine the winner of the bout regardless of the round in which this occurs. DRAW is a wagering option and if a DRAW occurs the other Correct Result Wagers will be losers.

Lets say the line on the rounds in a fight is 4.5 (3 minutes). If a player takes the over, he's saying that the fight will last more than 4.5 rounds. That would be 4 full rounds and the first 1.5 minutes into the 5th round (1 minute and 30 seconds).