There are three ways that we offer for Tennis Betting:

To Win the Tournament: Customers bet on one of the players to be the champion of the Tournament.

To Win the Match: Picking the player that the customer thinks will win the match. The match is official if a ball gets served. After that, if a player withdraws he will be declared the loser no matter the score at the time.

Props: Player to win the 1st set, Total Number of games or sets, etc.

1st set wagering (to win set, 1st set props, etc): 1st set must be completed for all wagers in the 1st set to have action. If after the 1st set is completed the match gets cancelled for any reason, all 1st set wagers are still considered good.

Match props (games or sets spread betting, exact result betting, etc): the match must be completed for wagers to have action, if one of the players retires or by other causes the match is not finished then all wagers will be considered NO ACTION.

All tennis wagers are good even if the matchup date and time changes due to weather or any other cause.

We ONLY accept Straight Bet Wagering on Tennis matchups, props and futures. Any Other wagers such as Parlays, If Bets, Reverses and/or Round Robins will be cancelled by us.

In the event of a match in progress being delayed due to weather or other reasons the wager will have action until a winner is decided

In the event that a match is decided by a Super Tiebreaker (instead of a full set), then all wagers related to GAMES will be voided. If a match is decided this way, then the match tiebreak will be considered to be the 3rd set, and for betting purposes, the winner will be awarded a 2-1 sets win.