General Props Rules

Football, Basketball, Hockey and ALL other sports team and player props:

Head to head player props both players must play in the game to have action.

In props involving multiple players from each team all player are action unless otherwise specified on the wager.

In Pool events all players are action, if two or more players tie for the best place in the pool, the prices of the wagers will be divided by the number of the winning players.

Team and Player props can be used for Straight bets only. Any wagers within the same Family (OR PROPS USED IN TEASERS) will be cancelled by us without prior notice.

Defensive player props, all bets placed on TOTAL TACKLES+ASSISTS BY includes the total defensive stadistics the player accumulates, including the ones if he plays in special teams as well,Sacks not count for towards this wager.

For football and basketball player totals, player must play in game for action.

For football a "MUFFED PUNT" recovered by the kicking team will be considered a fumble.